Our Socks are Made in the Americas & Responsible Manufacturing is Our Mission 

For far too long, retail brands and manufacturing companies have perpetuated irresponsible business practices while ignoring issues related to environmentalism. We believe private companies should be doing more to promote the leadership and values our society lives by. More so than designing and marketing premium dress socks, our mission is to bring leadership and eventually, accountability to retail brands and manufacturers who peddle products of poor quality, while cutting corners on how they treat employees and the environment. 

Our socks are manufactured in Ecuador, in state-of-the-art facilities where each and every factory worker / office employee shares in the corporate profits of the company. Our company allocates a pool of funding so that children of employees can reach college education, and our Founders mentor youth to encourage entrepreneurial activity at a young age.At Pierre Henry Socks, we offer opportunities for growth for each and every position at the company, and pay competitive wages for all the hard work our employees do. This has made all the difference at our company, and it's why our company has scaled at the rate that it has. 

Our partnerships with celebrities, professional athletes, schools and influencers are proof that we can make a difference with our product.Our product is NOT dropshipped and every process of the company, from designing and manufacturing to marketing and selling is all done in-house by our team in Ecuador, Atlanta and Boston. We want to encourage our community of buyers to offer feedback, communicate with us and get involved in spreading awareness for Responsible Manufacturing. 

By supporting Pierre Henry Socks, you are supporting entrepreneurship in its classic form. More young children from developing countries are reaching school, and families are being better taken care of. 

Together, we can continue to strive to bring corporate responsibility to the forefront of business, and do a MUCH better job of taking care of our earth.To speak with our Founders about Responsible Manufacturing, please send us email at hello@pierrehenrysocks.com