Why PH Socks?


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April 3, 2017

Verified Review

Probably the best socks I've ever owned. The socks are soft, comfortable and after many washes, stay in place and never sag. I like over the calf socks and most after normal wear begin to fall and not hold their elasticity, but not these. The colors and selection are nice. Only two suggestions: 1. I would like to see where you can mix and match your own (a package of solids only for dress up​ only) and 2. I paid a great price for these, but I've noticed they have gone much higher (currently $75) and have seen them as high as $90. If you want comfort, style, and quality, I recommend them highly.

- Robert G. Macchi

June 6, 2017

Verified Review

I don't usually do reviews but these socks are great, my biggest issue with dress socks is that they slide down and so far these have stayed up all day - every time. They're roomy in the toes, which I definitely like, and the color and texture are good. Will certainly be a repeat customer.

- Jeffrey A. Savastano

I typically go for J. Crew socks for their fun designs but would always be disappointed by how the elastic would stretch out over time and I would be left with socks that keep sliding down my calves. Thank god for PH socks - I don't ever have to worry about that problem anymore. Elastic is incredibly strong and durable. This 9-pack is going to last me a long time and I am confident that I will be a return customer.

- Alexander T. McCurdy

Having been born with a decent set of calves it has been a struggle to find a decent pair of dress socks that can stay up all day long. Even going with over the calf socks can be gamble as some brand's sock can get a little wilty near the top of the sock after a full day of walking around in them. But Pierre Henry socks I haven't found that to be an issue. They fit me, my calves and my 9 1/2 size feet perfectly. It was almost as if they were designed for my feet. The reinforced heel actually stops at my heel which hasn't always been the case when I buy over the calf socks, sometimes the heel would end at my achilles. But minor issues aside the socks are quality. The top of the sock has some extra elastic to prevent the socks from sliding down your legs after walking around all day in them which for someone who has nice calves I love. The fabric feels soft and is breathable. Highly recommended.

- Ryan M.