For the modern gentleman who values comfort and elegance in every step.

Experience Luxury and Style with Pierre Henry Socks

For the modern gentleman who values comfort and elegance in every step.

Experience Luxury and Style with Pierre Henry Socks

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PHS has been mentioned in important media like The Boston Globe, The Modest Man, CNBC and The Wall Street Journal.

Pierre Henry

Stylish Designs for Every Occasion

Our socks feature stylish designs suitable for every occasion, ensuring men look and feel their best.

Feel Like a Boss

You can always feel on top of your game with Pierre Henry Socks. The stylish designs not only provide unmatched comfort but also boost your confidence, making you feel like a true boss every day.

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Perfect Gift

Pierre Henry Socks are a favorite gift choice, loved by everyone who receives them. Their unique blend of style and comfort makes them a thoughtful and appreciated present for any occasion.

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Big and Tall Sizes Available

We understand the needs of every gentleman, including those who are big and tall. Our stylish socks are crafted to provide a perfect fit and exceptional comfort, ensuring that every man can look and feel his best, regardless of size.

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Find the perfect design for the right occasion.

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Why PHS?

Discover why gentlemen choose Pierre Henry Socks

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PHS for all ocassions

Discover what make our socks the first gentlemen's preference!

Unparalleled Comfort

Soft, irritation-free, and designed to stay up all day.

Premium Quality

Crafted with the finest materials for unmatched durability and elegance

Stylish Design

A variety of patterns to match every occasion and personality.

The Socks That Stay Up

We stay up. All day. All time.

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Pierre Henry Socks


The Socks That Stay Up

Our Legacy of Three Generations of Craftsmanship

Elisa's Shop

In the 1990s my grandmother makes a living from stitching peoples broken clothes and manufacturing school uniforms in small batches.

Our Legacy of Three Generations of Craftsmanship

My Mom Launches Socks

In the early 2000s, my mom launches a socks factory to complement my grandmothers offering. School uniforms remain our focus.

Our Legacy of Three Generations of Craftsmanship

Mechanical Engineer of Socks

Pierre attended Georgia Tech to learn manufacturing and quality. He came back to his parents' factory to take over the business.

Our Legacy of Three Generations of Craftsmanship

The Present

Pierre Henry Socks continues to be a family-owned business, driven by our passion for quality and style. Our journey is rooted in tradition but always looking forward to innovation, technology and sustainability.

PHS return policy

Hassle-Free Returns and Exchanges

At Pierre Henry Socks, we stand by our products with a full product guarantee. If you don't love your socks, we will replace them, no questions asked. Our commitment to your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Step Up Your Style Game Today

Discover the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and style with Pierre Henry Socks.


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The American Pack
The American Pack Sale priceFrom $ 44.99
Shamrocks, Martini Glasses, and Birds Cotton Over the Calf Dress Socks
The Think and Drink Pack Sale priceFrom $ 44.99

Over the Calf Dress Socks.

Over the Calf Dress Socks.


At the office, travels, personal and professional meetings.

At home, birthdays, holidays, personal meetings and beer night.


Navy, black and brown suits.

Jeans and pants.