The Official Dress Code for Socks

What is the official dress code for men's socks?

Being a gentleman and being able to elevate your outfit often requires particular attention to detail. It only requires that you wear an oversized jacket or that your belt doesn't match your shoes and your whole outfit might be discarded. Today we are going to address an old-time question, what are the best dress socks for men and when are you supposed to wear them? 

     1. Distinction between casual socks and dressing socks.

The rule of thumb here is to avoid no show socks, ankle socks, and crew socks when using a regular dressing shoe. Usually, this sort of socks falls under the category of casual and in a lot of cases athletic socks. The only exemption to the rule is if you are using loafers, monks, or boats type of shoes, then you are allowed to use either no show socks or ancle socks.

     2. What are the best dressing socks? 

Over the calf socks are dressier than any other lengths. This kind of socks are designed to go just below your knee and never fall. OTC socks are the standard for the office environment, important events such as weddings, business trips, in the wintertime to keep your feet and calves warm or while wearing boots to protect the calf and knee skin. Over the calf dressing socks are a must if you are wearing a suit or any type of trouser. 

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