What Socks to Wear with Sneakers

To ensure your comfort for every occasion, in this article we’ve included information on what socks to wear with sneakers.

What Should My Socks Be Made Of?

It’s easy to assume that any pair of socks you buy from a department store will be suitable for any pair of sneakers – for sports or casual use.

However, just like your clothes, material plays a big part in how effective they are for their job - allowing your feet to remain at a regular temperature and have the ability to breath.

When you’re looking for socks to wear with sneakers, consider the following material options.


Believe it or not, socks made of wool are a good option for your next social game of basketball, or even just as casual wear.

They provide excellent cushioning to prevent rubbing and blisters in your sneakers, all the while being durable and able to soak up moisture. Unlike other materials, they also absorb sweat without leaving your feet feeling wet.

 The only downside is you may spend a significant amount of time washing them, as they should be washed by hand.


 Acrylic socks are some of the most popular socks on the market. They are used by men, women, and children, and meet the mark as some of the best socks to wear with sneakers.

 They are also affordable, lightweight, offer great wicking features and are exceptionally comfortable.


While cotton is recommended for most articles of clothing, when it comes to the best socks to wear with sneakers, they don’t feature highly - at least not on their own.

Try to avoid 100% cotton socks. However, by blending cotton with synthetic material, you’re able to benefit from both excellent breathability and comfort. Fortunately, Society Socks offers a blended cotton sock ideal for wearing with sneakers! You can even get them monthly with our subscriptions.

What Style Should I Get?

There are so many different styles of socks, and everyone has a preference. Some people prefer knee high socks to sit snuggly half way up their leg underneath a pair of pants, while others are more comfortable with low cut ankle socks.

 If you’re looking for what socks to wear with sneakers for casual use, a nice pair of padded acrylic ankle socks - or a cotton blend - could be just what you’re looking for. They are discrete, sit hidden under any pair of sneakers, and are very comfortable.

 However, if there is one staple pair of socks any man should own, and are definitely what socks to wear with sneakers, mid-calf socks should be it.

Simply choose the pattern, thickness, and material you desire, and fill your drawer up with this versatile option.

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