When to wear white socks

When to wear white socks

Even though white socks are some of the easiest and cheapest socks to buy, it doesn't mean you should wear them on every occasion. While some people don’t put too much thought on the socks they use, it can make the difference between a good and bad outfit.

When to wear white socks?

White socks are not always the most stylish option to choose from. Especially given that there are many colorful and stylish options that suit all occasions much better. With that in mind, there are still some opportunities when white socks are just the right socks to use.

At home

At home you don’t need to really worry about what clothes you are wearing, so white socks may sound like a reasonable choice to use.

Most white socks are cheap, so at some point you may have bought a bulk pack of those in discount. Now is the time to wear them and put them at good use.


White socks are the most used in sports. They work well with most tracksuit pants and are often the right fabric to wear inside hot shoes and during demanding activities.

When not to wear white socks?

There are many situations when white socks are not just suitable. Using them in the wrong context might draw attention in a not so good way. Here are some situations in which using white socks may not be the best choice.

Formal Occasion

Using dress pants have its cons. One of them is how they ride up your legs when sitting down. This isn’t desirable on many occasions. Maybe you are meeting with a client or conducting a presentation in front of your boss. Either way, your socks are always visible and white socks don’t blend very well with a black suit.

Casual Shorts

Shorts are always a good idea in a hot sunny day. Many people wear their shorts with sneakers because wearing sandals are not often the comfiest choice. Matching those sneakers with white socks might be a big mistake. Bright white socks with shorts are never a good combination.

Cheat Sheet

Wear them when:

- Playing sports

- Staying at home

Do not wear them when

- Wearing formal attire

- Wearing shorts

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